Life with 4-H animals

Wade is usually a willing chore helper. Especially if he gets to use his bike.

It’s Spring and ’tis the season to acquire our 4-H animals and get them settled and in a feeding routine.  Jeff and I have realized we are at a peak year for active 4-Hers in our family.  We have 5 kids with 13 animals in 3 species between them (which is a lot for us… maybe not for some families).  This is going to be Emma’s last summer at the fair which is impossible for me to believe.  But as she moves on Wade will be getting old enough to join.  Wade already loves helping with the chores and can’t wait to be an official 4-H kid.  He is right out there with the rest of us and today decided his bike was a good way to get the buckets back to the shop after feedings were over.

This year Wyatt has a bucket calf named Maggie.  She is only a couple of weeks old and has just been weaned off her momma.  She has taken to the bottle pretty well and has been surprisingly calm through her transition to our farm.  Wyatt spent many waking hours out in her pen with her today.

Wyatt with his new bucket calf, Maggie.

Maggie is a young heifer so if Wyatt does a good job raising her, he is hoping someday she could grow to have a calf of her own.  Maybe that vision will get him through the bottle feeding stage which he really detests.  He hates the smell of the milk replacer.  Can’t say I blame him.

We are in the process of getting our pens improved.  We will soon have an automatic waterer for the market calves and the sheep.  The sheep should especially like this since they are so finicky about having fresh water.  No more running hoses or hauling buckets.  Fresh water all the time.  It sounds dreamy.  Hopefully very soon!

How many Bathurst’s does it take to lay conduit?
Emma and Annie help dad pour a small slab of cement for the automatic waterer.




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