Cousin Cattle Drive

Every year we move our cattle from pasture up the road a bit to the pens where we work them and get them setup for their summer “retreat” out on fresh grass.   The very first year Grandpa Tim thought we should do it we all thought, really?  Can’t we just load them in the trailer?  But he insisted we have plenty of kids to help keep them from straying off the road and that this would truly be faster.   Well, whether it is faster or not, it is what we do.  Jeff and Estol always call their cousin, Dale (who farms in the area), and Dale brings his sons.   So between the Bathurst men and their kids, it is quite the crew, and quite a memorable tradition forming.   The cows seem to know the way a little more each year… a little less “straying” off the beaten path.  Of course, it is not always smooth going.  This time, at the very end of the short walk, a little calf decided to dart into the cedar trees to cool off.  After a quick bit of rodeo action, it was soon re-united back with momma and all was well.   But even with the short escapade, it makes for a lot of smiles from kids, who get a good excuse to get their 4-wheelers and dirt bikes out for a useful stroll.  Even the mailman gets caught in the action.  I don’t think he minds a short stall in his route, in fact, I know he quite likes it.   Not everyday do you get to see a good ‘ole cattle drive.


The whole group being goofy after another successful cattle drive is in the books. The farmers are pictured in the back. (left to right: Estol, Dale, Jeff, and Tim)


Cousins bring up the rear and get a little time on foot keeping the calves out of the wheat and cedar trees.


Boys and their toys…Landon is a proud farm kid. And the mailman is way back there watching it all unfold.


Grandpa Tim takes a short break with Jackson, Wyatt and Wade.

3 thoughts on “Cousin Cattle Drive

  1. Love the fact that this is a family operation and that the children are crucial in helping. What a great work ethic you are instilling in them.

  2. Beautiful! It brings back memories when I was younger. Our family farm drove cattle several miles along the roads to move them from pastures. We used pickups , horses, and family members very similar to yours. Fond memories!

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