Our Farm Family

Bathurst & Sons, LLC is a family farm located in Central Kansas. Tim and his sons, Jeff and Estol, work together with their wives raising cattle, alfalfa and brome hay, and diversified crops of wheat, milo, soybeans, and corn.


Jeff and Charity Bathurst Emma, Annie, Alice, Eden, Wyatt and Wade


Estol and Kristen Bathurst Landon, Leighton, Jackson, Malachi and Ruth


The whole family! Tim and Pam Bathurst have 3 children. Jeff, Dolly (Bathurst) Theobald, and Estol. Although not involved in the Bathurst & Sons operation, Dolly and her husband, Travis Theobald, operate a farm in Beaver City, Nebraska.


Travis and Dolly Theobald, Jordyn, David, Trey, Jett, Daniel (not pictured…yet)


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